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What Does The Last Keyword Tool (TLKT) Do, Exactly?

What is a Keyword?

A keyword is a … Key Word… it’s a word or a phrase that would be used to describe the essence of your product or service. The more frequently the keyword is searched for, the more exposure you’ll potentially get for your website or marketing campaigns.

How does using TLKT help you?

TLKT will help you determine which keywords are the best for you to use. There is more that you should know about your keyword terms than how much traffic they will bring.

  • You need to know where in the buying cycle a keyword sits.
  • You need to have an idea of how competitive the keywords are.
  • And you need to be able to find these keywords with as little effort as possible so you can get to the job of creating your marketing material rather than spending hundreds of hours trying to figure out if you have the right keywords for the job.
  • TLKT brings all this together in a simplified way so you can laser target your keywords and audience that does so in a way that will ensure buyer ready keywords in conjunction with phrases that receive traffic! After all, what good is marketing with a keyword that no one is searching for.
  • One of the best features of using TLKT is the ability to customize the filters that help you organize your keyword and phrase data in a way that lets you organize it to fit your needs, besides the built in filter that are very useful you are able to customize these predefined filters in a way that allow you to see the data exactly the way you want it!

Who should use TLKT?

  • Website Owners
  • Adword Professionals
  • Adsense Members
  • Search Engine Optimization Professionals
  • Marketers
  • Press Release Services
  • Social Media Marketing Managers
  • Bloggers
  • Bottom Line if you have a website or online presence, this tool can help you find the traffic in the search engines that is right for you.

How can TLKT sculpt your keywords to laser target your advertising online campaigns?

  1. Collects a list of keywords using the seed term complete with associated data:
    • Google Adwords Cost per Click
    • Google Adwords Clicks per Day
    • Google Natural Searches
    • Google Broad Competing Pages
    • Google Phrase Match Competing Pages
    • Proprietary Latent Semantic Index value of each keyword as compared to the seed term (theme specific) corpus
    • Bayesian value of each keyword
    • Number of times keyword is used in top competitors site for the keyword

  2. Provides User definable Filters and Columns that allow you to look at this data from almost any perspective imaginable, in short it makes keyword research simple - some examples of our predefined filters are:
    • Golden Niches: Excellent keywords worth optimizing for, this filter looks for keywords with a high cost, low competition that are relevant to your seed term. Remember that natural search will be anywhere from 10 to 1000 times the paid search traffic.
    • Jimmy’s Supporting Keywords: This filter, designed with the latest Google Penalties in mind, provides just enough keywords to support your article... no fluff; keywords are partial and pure diverse only; no long tails.
    • Market Domination Filter: You can OWN the conversation… but don’t be silly and try to come at highly competitive markets with a frontal attack on the most competitive keywords – nobody talks or listens at that level anyway. What you need to do is find where the conversations ARE happening … and talk from there. That’s how you can truly own the conversation.
    • Tangent Markets: Designed to find tangent vertical markets, this filter will give you a perspective of other markets that have threads in common with with your seed term. This can be useful for ancillary blogs that can attract traffic related to your market and move appropriate traffic into your sales funnel.
    • Vertical Markets: Knowing the vertical markets of your seed term is important. Drilling into the vertical market will allow you to see your seed term from a higher perspective. You are able to analyze where the money is moving in that market, and how much of the market is represented by your seed term. Additionally you can find related markets that can allow you to cast a wider keyword net, bringing you additional converting traffic.
    • Suggested Silos: Keywords that are good silo candidates based on the theme of the seed term.
    • Interesting Long Tails: Long tails of seed keyword that have cost and traffic
    • Statistically Improbable Best Anchor Text Enhancement Filter: The purpose of this filter is to give you the best anchor text keywords when building backlinks to websites. Please see the video demo:

    Examples of pre-defined columns are:

    • LARI - Theme Relevance: Designed to help you understand if a keyword is important to include in your website or article about the seed term, our Local Aggregate Relevance Index is a weighted average of the relative ranges of the Bayes and LSI score of each keyword according to its corpus. Use this in conjunction with some of the default filters for added insight.
    • SEOT: Like Market Samurai's SEOT, this column will show you the expected amount of traffic for the #1 ranked site - or what you could expect if you were ranked #1 for this keyword.
    • TSMV: Total Search Market Value - the annual value of dominating the top ten search positions in both Google and Yahoo, where that value is defined in terms of Google's cost per click.
  3. Finally, Top Competitors for Each keyword can be examined; for each top ranking url the following data is provided:
    • PageRank
    • If the keyword is contained in the domain name
    • If the keyword is contained in the URL
    • If the keyword is contained in the title of the page
    • If the keyword is contained within the meta data of the page
    • Number of pages indexed on the site

    The keyword data can be exported as well as any user defined columns currently in use. Only the set of keywords currently displayed will be exported, allowing you to use our filters before you export.

The Last Keyword Tool: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: How Recent Is the Keyword Data?

    A: This keyword software provides “fresh squeezed” keyword data. We pull keywords from dozens of web pages and provide only the most important terms This means that it is at least as recent as data provided from any of the search engine keyword tools. If you let your keyword project sit for a few weeks and want to update the data, just click the “refresh data” button and your research data will update.
  2. Q: Does TLKT Provide LSI Keywords?

    A: Yes. TLKT is the only keyword research tool on the market that provides LSI (latent semantic indexing) data that is sortable from “least to most” related to your parent theme. Our developers have also created more advanced algorithms that work in combination with LSI. These supporting algorithms give you the most natural and “important” market related terms. These columns are sortable and you can even create your own custom columns to meet your own needs.
  3. Q: Does TLKT Include Both Phrase and Broad Match?

    A: Yes. You may sort the LSI keywords by phrase match or broad match, depending upon your needs. The Network Empire training provides information on when to use phrase match and when to use broad match keywords in your website and backlinking campaigns.
  4. Q: Does TLKT Provide The Number of Estimated Searches for an LSI Keyword?

    A: Yes. It provides both natural and paid traffic estimates for your LSI terms.
  5. Q: Can TLKT help with research on a city location based queries?

    A: Yes. It can help you target exactly what your top level local keyword queries should be, this makes it a very diverse tool to help you capture your targeted market whether you are going after national search terms or local search terms.

If you are serious about taking your online marketing campaigns to the next level then this keyword research software is for you. Take the guess work out of it and help put money generating search engine traffic to work for you! Sign up today.

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